Grace Learning Center

Grace Learning CenterCitizens Concerned for the Homeless has always recognized its clients' need for education. Often lacking even a high school diploma, many have little chance of succeeding - working their way to self-sufficiency and out of poverty. Providing opportunities for more skills training and education has been an important CCH long term goal. 

Through a gift from the former Grace Church and with the assistance of Michigan City government, CCH opened a learning center in 2011. The GLC focus is on providing assistance in developing skills necessary to get entry level and more advanced level jobs. 

Through a partnership with A.K. Smith, we provide literacy training with the objective of obtaining a GED (General Equivalency Diploma).

Grace Learning CenterAs a WorkOne access point in Michigan City, we provide  assistance in computer-based job searches.

In partnership with PNC we provide seminars in a variety of financial subjects.

We are constantly developing new programs. If you have ideas or interests that are not being addressed, come in and talk to our director, Natalee, about them.

These programs are free of charge for those in need in the LaPorte County community.

Potential volunteer tutors and learners are urged to contact us:
1007 West 8th Street
Michigan City, IN 46360